Baby Falls Of Bed, Preventition And Treatment

Baby Falls OffBaby Falls

A mother says she feels all the peace and comfort seeing her child in complete bliss sleeping with her and being rolled in a soft blanket. However, this could be more dreadful when the baby falls off the bed while asleep.

Baby falls is something worth concern and it may result in some bad consequences hurting the child while little babies need proper care and they should be nurtured immensely.

Baby falls is one of the most terrifying things a mother can experience and hence she needs to be alert all the time.

Pediatrics baby falls Off Bed Questions        

Here are some of the FAQ which may help you if this condition arises,

  1. My Toddler Fell And Hit Back Of Head: There may be two types of injuries (Internal or External). If your child loses consciousness or may feel drowsy you need to directly seek medical aid. In other cases since the baby falls and got hurt, he may cry for few minutes and again gets back to normal this condition does not involve serious concern. If the child stays restless for more than an hour or continues to vomit, weakness in the body you should consult medical aid and attention.
  2. My baby falls Off Bed On Face: This call for an emergency if the baby falls off the bed and may hurt the face especially when the toddler is less than 1 year in age.
  3. My baby Gums Bleeding After Fall: If the baby falls off and hurts the mouth it might be possible that gums may bleed because of the soft tissues. The best way is to clean the wound with a wet towel and put pressure on the injured area as it will stop bleeding. If you don’t see any relief you may need to consult a dentist in case of root injury of soft tissue injury.
  4. My Child Back Injury From Fall: It may lead to back pain or injury and hence may lead to some sort of discomfort. There could be a muscular strain or deformity and calls for doctors attention.
  5. My child Back Injury When To See A Doctor: There are certain situations where you need immediate doctors to call when your child gets numb or there is a loss of sensation in head, hands or legs. There is weakness or extreme pain in part of the body.

Baby Bed Fall Prevention

It is obvious that parenting is not an easy task especially when you got to have your first baby. Toddler fall has to be prevented.

Due to irregular sleep patterns and less attention of the parents, it might be possible that the baby may fall off from the bed. Here are certain ways in which baby bed fall can be prevented.

  • Bed Frame could be removed and mattress has to be placed on the floor.
  • Chairs and tables have to be removed away from the bed.
  • Toys and other attractive things have to be kept away since the toddler gets attracted and tries to move.
  • The bed can be placed adjacent to the wall as it reduces the chance of fall.
  • The pillows can be kept next to the baby as it keeps them engaged and safe.

Best Treatment After A baby falls   

This situation has to be handled calmly. You need to address the problem in the following way:

Serious Injury: If the child has lost consciousness or is bleeding heavily, you need to consult a doctor. Another reason for seriousness is a head injury. Both the cases require medical attention.

Not So Serious Injury: If the child has fallen off from the bed but hasn’t got many injuries. He might be crying because it just got hit at the moment, you can pamper the child and try to make the toddler calm.

In case he is vomiting you can gently turn them onto their side and try to keep the baby neck straight.

In case the baby is not showing any abnormal signal, it is okay to continue and close monitoring is required for only a few hours.

It is rightly said, “Babies are like a mirror, the true reflection. You just need the right amount of patience and the fruit will be sweet”…

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