When Do Babies Start Kicking In The Womb?

When Do Babies kickingBabies Kicking

Babies kicking are a sign that your baby is developing well inside the womb. To know how active your baby is, tumbling, rolling and kicking should be felt.

Babies kicking during pregnancy can be experienced between 16 and 22 weeks or even later.

When the baby stretches out its limbs, a swishing or fluttering feeling can be felt inside the womb (it is basically babies kicking in the womb).

Movements of the baby become more distinct towards the later stages of pregnancy.

When Do Babies Start Kicking

Now in order to answer the question “when do babies start kicking” we can say that, according to the ultrasound reports, fetal movements start in the early stages of 7 or 8 weeks of pregnancy but women don’t feel the baby’s movements.

But somewhere in between 16 and 22 weeks of pregnancy, baby’s movements and babies kicking can be felt or experienced.

Initial sensations felt or noticed by the women are not real kicks. Babies kicks or movements are felt or experienced during the 20th week of pregnancy or even later.

If you don’t feel any movement or babies kicking in the womb even after 22 weeks of pregnancy then consult your doctor about it.

What Does Baby kicking Feel Like 

Different women answer differently about their experience or feeling of baby’s kick. What does baby kicking feel like will be decided by you only?

But the most common answer observed by most of the pregnant women is that at first, it feels like muscles twitches.

Later on, it feels like twitching and flicking sometimes. Sometimes it feels like tickling sensation like someone is tickling you with a fingertip.

After getting used to babies kicking, it starts feeling like someone is punching a punching bag.

It is not that painful but at different stages of pregnancy, you will experience different feelings.

In Which Month Baby Start Moving In Womb 

In which month the baby starts moving in the womb? To know the answer, we should first know the fetal movement in three trimesters of pregnancy.

During the first trimester, your baby will start moving around by 8th week of pregnancy. But women will not feel the fetal movement in pregnancy.

During the second trimester, fluttering and swishing movements can be felt but at this stage, you’ll not be sure about the source of movements.

You’ll likely to be unsure if they are baby’s movements or babies kicking or something else.

As the third trimester will come closer, baby’s movements will be felt. Babies kicks, babies hiccups will also be felt like rhythmic bumps or popcorn popping in the womb.

In the third trimester, you will definitely feel the real baby kicks, hiccups, and stretches. You can also know which part of the baby is making movements. Arms or legs?

Which body part is making movement can also be known.

Babies kicking or babies movements in the womb make the mother-to-be feel like someone is always with them, not in front of them but within them. How active the baby is, can be known by the movements in the womb during pregnancy.

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