Abortion Pills | How Do Abortion Pills Work & Side Effects?

abortion pills

Abortion Pills:

Abortion refers to an effective way, which is safe to end a pregnancy.  Though abortion pill works in case of early pregnancy. The abortion pills are basically of two types; mifepristone & misoprostol.

The basic concept behind abortion pill is that the progesterone hormone is responsible for the growth in pregnancy.

These abortion pills block the growth and stimulation of the progesterone hormone thus, sabotaging the pregnancy.

Mifepristone is normally given by the nurse or doctor at the clinic, during the diagnosis of the pregnancy, if you wish to abort the pregnancy.

The second pill is to be taken between 6-48 hours of taking the first pill. Some abortion pill name and price are as follows:

  1.   Abo Pill – Rs 1340  for 4 tablets 200mg.
  2.  Mifegest – Rs 349.50 for 1 tablet 200mg.
  3.  Mifeprin – Rs 325 for 1 tablet 200mg.

 Some other abortion tablet name and price, which can be taken are as follows:

  1.  Mefipil – Rs 325 for 1 tablet 200mg
  2. Mifebort – Rs 330 for 1 tablet 200mg 

The morning after pill is used in case of emergency contraception, they are basically taken after unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy.

They are also a kind of abortion-inducing pills such as Cabroprostron and dinoprostone. Cabroprostron is basically a synthetic prostaglandin analog, which is used for aborting pregnancy as well as postpartum hemorrhage.

Some miscarriage pill name and miscarriage tablets name are as follows:

  1.  Misoprostol such as Cytotec is used as a miscarriage pill. These are placed in your vagina and induce the passing of pregnancy tissue.
  2.   Arthrotec & Oxaprost are also used as miscarriage pill to abort the pregnancy.  Cyprostol, Mibetec, Prostokos can be used as pills to force a miscarriage.

Some other popular and easily available Pregnancy stop tablets name are – i-pill, Preventol, Unwanted 72, CLR 72 etc.

There is an abundant number of drugs that cause abortion in early pregnancy & also drugs that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy.

The way of inducing a miscarriage and abortion is safe and sound in case of over the counter pills that cause miscarriage.

You can easily access a variety of miscarriage over the counter to abort your pregnancy without less of a headache.

How Do Abortion Pills Work?

Abortion pills which are basically mifepristone and misoprostol are used for medicated abortion.

So when you decide to abort the pregnancy, your doctor while the checkup or on your own gives you mifepristone.

This pill stops the growth of the hormone required for the growth of the pregnancy, progesterone.

Some uncommon side effects of this pill would be feeling nauseous and bleeding, which can be taken care of by taking medicine for it.

Next in is the use of misoprostol which is taken after 6-48 hours of taking the first pill. This might cause you to face cramping and bleeding.

But, you might face this within 1-4 hours of taking the pill. Misoprostol is basically the miscarriage pill with is used to remove and finish the pregnancy tissue.

To avoid the pain you can take ibuprofen but it is to be taken about 30 minutes before taking the misoprostol.

Also, aspirin is not to be taken place of ibuprofen. If in case the medical abortion is not successful you shall use the in-clinic procedure.

How Do You Know If The Abortion Pill Worked?

When it’s about aborting your pregnancy abortion pill are a go-to option. But after their use How will you know if the abortion pill worked?

The success of the abortion pill depends on the stopping of development of the pregnancy & no need for additional medical care.

The success rate though of these abortion pills if taken in time is very high. If these pills are taken within the 9 weeks of pregnancy than you have 99% chances of abortion.

It is also in the rarest cases that your body will need additional medical care. You will face bleeding and clotting.

There will also be vaginal discharge. You often come to know when your abortion has become successful and you will see the symptoms of pregnancy fading away.

Abortion Pill Side Effects:

There can be a variety of changes and abortion pill side effects, which you might face. Some of the changes and side effects that you might face can be-:

  1.  The side effect depends from person to person. Though you might face chills, nausea, vomiting etc.
  2.  You might have emotional fluctuations, such as being sad, regretful or relaxed.
  3.  After the abortion, until some days you might face bleeding and spot off.
  4.  There are fewer chances of having any effect on your pregnancy capability. But you might need some time to be back to normal.
  5.  Feeling pain in the abdominal region, This pain might be similar to menstrual pain.
  6.  Many times abortion leads to diarrhea. As it interrupts with your bowel movements.
  7.  You might feel dizzy, nauseous & headache. Also, you might face fever and other side effects.
  8.  Irritating vaginal discharge, It becomes irritating as it is foul smelling and disturbing. 
Does Abortion Pill Damage The Womb?

Abortion is not something which is planned. It comes as an unwanted circumstance which is very disturbing especially for women. Abortion affects your body and mind in various ways.

One of the most disturbing and worrisome thoughts that comes to one’s mind is that Does abortion pill damage the womb.

The first thing to note about this question is that if your abortion was done successfully and are your periodic cycles normal now.

If this is the case then there is little to no chance that you have damaged your womb.

Many kinds of research conducted have waived off this myth and found that there is a rare case of abortion pill damaging the womb.

There have been vast no. of cases with success and no effect on your womb. Though if you have had more no. of abortions then you are at higher risk and might face infection.

What Is Safe Abortion?

Abortion is something which is normal to deal with. It can leave behind a variety of effects so you women think about ways for safe abortion. What is safe abortion?

There are the World Health Organization’s three methods of safe abortion. Which include medical abortion, manual vacuum aspiration, dilatation, and evacuation.

Medical abortion refers to the use of Abortion pills and other medications for aborting the pregnancy. It is one of the most private and feasible ways to avoid pregnancy.

It also has a very high success rate. The other one is vacuum aspiration. This method refers to the use of handheld plastic aspirator or an electric vacuum pump.

It is a simple surgical method of aborting the pregnancy and is a very simple and proven way to abort the pregnancy.

The last one is dilatation and evacuation. This is a proper surgical and professional way of aborting the pregnancy.

It is done in the second trimester and it is different from the surgical way dilatation and curettage which is not recommended by the WHO.

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