40 Weeks: Signs Of Labor | What, If No Signs Of Labor?

40 Weeks Pregnant No Signs Of Labor40 Weeks Pregnant No Signs Of Labor

You have headed to the 40th week and you have no signs of labor at all. You don’t need to worry.

Babies are born usually within 3-4 weeks within their due date. And generally, it gets late to up to 1 or 2 weeks for the babies to born on their due dates.

However, the concern increases when there are more than 4 weeks over than 40 weeks of pregnancy and there is no sign of labor.

There might be an increased risk of infection inside the womb and there is a chance that the baby is dead upon birth.

But this rarely happens as nowadays there are methods to induce labor. Just consult your doctor.

So when you are in 40 weeks pregnant and no signs of labor just relax and wait for the baby to arrive. There is no risk unless you and your baby are healthy.

Signs Of Labour 40 Weeks

In this week of pregnancy, the baby’s organs have completely developed and it is a full-grown baby inside the womb developed enough to perform all vital activities.

This is the most crucial week as the labor may start any day this week and it last up to several hours.

For this purpose, there are indicators that tell the labor will start anytime. So let’s have a look at the signs of labor in 40 weeks:

  • In this week, which is the last and the most crucial week, pregnant women feel a frequent urge to urinate. They will feel too much to pee. This is because of the pressure the baby dropping puts on the bladder.
  • Because of the same reason of baby dropping, there is a feeling of pain in the pelvic area. This pain is up till the lower back.
  • There are strange sounds heard from the belly this week. It’s normal and there is nothing wrong with it.
  • Amniotic sac ruptures and because of that there is a heavy flow of water breaking and getting discharged through the vagina.
  • This week, there is a sudden change in the emotional behavior of women.
  • Contractions are intense and last for a longer period of time during this week.

When you go through these symptoms in the 40th week of pregnancy, you should be prepared for the labor any time soon and get ready to deliver your child.

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