3rd(Third) Trimester Of Pregnancy | Precautions | Do’s And Don’ts

3rd (Third) Trimester Of Pregnancy Precautions

– Do’s And Don’ts

third trimester of pregnancy

You’ve entered the 3rd (third) trimester of pregnancy, Have precautions! Now that you’re hardly three months

away from your due date, give more time to meditation and breathing exercises as they help you relax in times of anxiety.

In order to channel your emotions, try working on something you love doing, like reading or gardening.

Let’s have a look on during 3rd trimester of pregnancy do’s and don’ts:

Precautions During 7th (Seventh) Month of Pregnancy

precaution during 7th month of pregnancy

source: MFMER

Precautions during 7th month of pregnancy prevent you and your baby from preterm labor.

Smoking, passive smoking, lifting weight in the wrong posture, etc. can be the major threats

to your pregnancy:

Sitting in a single posture can be tedious. Try taking occasional walks for mobility. Do not smoke or take alcohol or even be in the company of smokers (passive) – an especial caution during 3rd (third) trimester.
You need to start preparing your body for labor. Make it flexible and active, else you will tire out easily. You will find it harder to bend since the baby bump is huge now. Do not panic on seeing that. You and the baby must remain healthy – that’s the first priority.
The close progress of the baby must be noted by your doctor. You might have to work on your diet in order to help the baby become ready for the new world. Do not lift weights or do any household chores, as you might not be able to rest as much as you need to. If it is necessary to lift weights, keep the posture straight. (See the picture)
Your hemoglobin needs to be monitored closely in order to keep a record. The doctor must also check for any viruses/infections. Don’t be afraid of your smallest fears and anxiety. They’re part and parcel of life and must be passed on.

Precautions During 8th (Eighth) Month of Pregnancy

Thinking negatively, stuck in your bed, Hypertension is some precautions during the 8th month

of pregnancy that you will have to take care of. Let’s have a look of Do’s and don’ts of 8th month pregnant:

You might start getting breathless more often. This is why breathing exercises are integral for you. Stay away from all kinds of negativity. This is a crucial time for you. So, do not stress. Or, it might affect your baby in a bad way.
pelvic stretching (or Kegel ) exercises during the 8th month of pregnancy must be started in order to strengthen muscles and bring more flexibility to your body Do not become lethargic at this point. You’ve come so far. You did a great job. Now do not ruin it by refusing to move around and staying in bed.
You might experience constipation during pregnancy and heartburn. There’s only one way to go through this – drink more and more water! Don’t be afraid of a little bit of the amniotic fluid that may discharge infrequently during the third trimester of pregnancy and you will know when the leakage happens. It seems to be quite different from urine.
Continue to sleep on the left side and be aware of your postures at all times. Do not take the stress as it may affect your blood pressure and that will not be good for you and your baby during the third trimester of pregnancy.
Consult your OB/GYN regarding your choice of delivery – natural or artificial (cesarean). You may opt a painless delivery. This is a process of normal delivery but without pain. Consult with your gynecologist.
As the baby’s weight pushes you down, your bladder might trouble you a lot. Plastic sheeting your mattress will be quite helpful in this case.  

Precautions During 9th (Ninth) Month of Pregnancy

precautions during 9th month of pregnancy

How are you feeling? Anxious, worried, excited or, just okay? This is the last month or trimester of your pregnancy and soon you’ll be a full-time mother (if this is your first child).

You must not let that get in your way of living this time happily and enjoying the last few days when you aren’t supposed to get up and feed the whole family.

But, the 9th month of pregnancy is also crucial. Not due to the fear of miscarriage or some mishap, but because the due date is near, and the baby does not even wait for it. So, you must prepare yourself accordingly. Let’s have a look of Do’s and don’ts of 9th-month pregnancy:

  • Keep in mind all the above points, regarding your health supplements, exercise routine, and rest/sleep pattern.
  • Prepare a go-to-hospital bag checklist for Mom and baby both, which must contain the needful items like your and baby’s clothing. This bag will be carried off at the time of your delivery, thus, pack your essentials.
  • If you have an older child, prepare him/her for the new arrival. Know that they might feel left out. Thus, assure them of your love for them.
  • Keep talking to your baby. Doctors say that this is the most crucial time, as a mother’s coaxing might get the baby in time and lessen the complications (if any).

We hope you are well aware now of which type of care you should take during 3rd or last trimester of pregnancy.

With all these in mind and love in your heart, welcome your newborn warmly to his/her new abode. The baby might take time to get used to this outside world, but that, mustn’t keep you from loving him/her with all that you have.

Congratulations! You’ll be a wonderful mother and the baby will be blessed. All the best!


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