2nd(Second)Trimester Pregnancy | Precautions | Dos And Don’ts

2nd (Second) Trimester Pregnancy Precautions– Dos & Don’tssecond trimester of pregnancy

You have the reason to be excited because you are now in the first month of the 2nd (second) trimester of pregnancy! Have Precautions! For most women, all the discomforts of early pregnancy will start to disappear this trimester.

The hormones responsible for sickness are subsiding and fatigue should begin to diminish in the II trimester of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, your baby floats peacefully in the amniotic sac. As the baby is growing, so the sac will expand to give him ample space to kick and stretch. His brain is developing at a rapid rate. Hence you will have to take enough precautions during second trimester of pregnancy.

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Precaution During 4th (Fourth) Month of Pregnancy

precautuon during 4th month of pregnancy

Keep a check of your weight as a precaution during the 4th month of pregnancy. It is not because you need to be conscious, but because you need to be aware of how balanced your diet is. Do not take unnecessary supplements that haven’t been suggested by your doctor.
You must sleep on your left side as that keeps the blood circulation to the baby quite smooth. Never sleep on your tummy, or you might suffocate your baby.
You might suffer from nosebleeds or blocked ears. Therefore, it is advisable to carry tissues. Do not go for any strong medication or antibiotics for the temporary cold you’re suffering. Avoid self-medication as a special precaution in pregnancy.
Now that your body has started to expand, go for maternity clothes (usually cotton and linen). They’ll keep you comfortable and cozy. High heels, tight dresses should not be worn.
Colors affect your mood and baby’s health too. So, put up and wear pleasant colors (like white or pink) and not the loud ones. No strenuous activity or lifting should be done.
Do the exercises as recommended by your OB/GYN, for a safe and sound delivery of your baby.  
Other than body exercises, go for Yoga and meditation, as the ancient yogis advised these for proper metabolism, reproduction, and mental development, for both the child and the mother, i.e., you.  

Precautions During 5th (Fifth) Month of Pregnancy

precaution during 5th month of pregnancy

It is a common time for rashes under your breasts and arms. For relief, take a shower or apply talcum powder to cool. Do not go for any itching ointment, as it can affect your baby and induce skin-related problems.
You must maintain good posture at all times. Give your back some support, if you must, but sit straight.
Don’ts be sit in  position during pregnancy second trimester, shown in 1st pic (poor sitting position).

Do not sit in a single position for hours. Move around for some time, take a walk and then get back again.

A positive mind leads to a happy you and the happiest baby. While mood swings definitely take the fun out of everything, take some time to do what you love. Spend time with your loved ones. Do not distance yourself, just because you’re angry at something you don’t even remember. This is the time to cherish with everyone.
Maintain your sleeping position on your left side. You can make use of pillows. You have to avoid sudden reflexes (standing and sitting) as they can make you dizzy.
Go for the pregnancy ultrasound you have recommended as a precaution during the 5th (fifth) month of pregnancy and get ready to see your baby closely. You will see that he/she is already frantic to come out of the shell. Do not get anxious if you don’t hear/see much response on the ultrasound. Some babies like to stealth their way in your lives.
Doctors recommend that from now on, whatever you say to the baby, it says forever. So talk more to your baby and you will feel some responses too.  

Precaution During 6th (Sixth) Month of Pregnancy

precaution during 6th month of pregnancy

The growing bump and itchiness over your skin might cause you to change your posture more often. Take the help of pillows if you need to. Smoking precaution during the 6th (sixth)month of pregnancy: Smoking is injurious to health. And it is not just about you, you must stay away from people who smoke, even if it’s your partner because passive smoke is harmful too.
You must exercise frequently. The basic stretches and meditation will help you deal with stress, both physical and emotional. Your bump is growing now, hence Slouching or sitting in a bad posture can be harmful to the baby during the second-trimester pregnancy as it can cut-off the blood supply to the baby.
Your baby might keep you awake at nights. But, you must get proper sleep as

second trimester of pregnancy care. Soak in warm water before going to bed. It relaxes your muscles.
If you experience pain, bleeding or any other symptoms that look out of the ordinary, do not fail to report to the doctor. Do not be shy to discuss the slightest doubt on this front.
You are most likely to suffer iron deficiency from now on. So eat iron-rich foods to up your red blood cell count. your rings may be tightened due to have some swelling in your fingers as your pregnancy is in progress.
Make Bonding Among the Babies

second trimester pregnancy

Generally, the myths among the old ladies are that if you’re carrying your baby low, you’re having a boy, if you’re carrying high, then you’re having a girl. The fact is, the way you carry your baby is probably determined by your uterine muscles and the tone of your abdomen as well as the position of your baby.

If you have an older child or children, he/ she may feel some psychological fear of losing your affection due to new guest coming to your family. As it is the end of your 2 trimester pregnancy precautions, you have ample time to share with your older baby and set the ground for the new baby among them. 

You may line up someone to care for your children during the birth and afterward.

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