The Emergency First Aid Kit: Your Private Doctor


Build Your Own Portable Clinic With No Effort And A Great First aid Treatment

They say, ‘ A healthy soul resides in a healthy body’. Yes, it is absolutely true. A healthy lifestyle is a key to a happy lifestyle but no matter how hard we try, health problems and accidents don’t send a pre-notice before their arrival. It may be 7 in the morning or 5 in the evening, 12 at noon or 12 when the owl hoots, we never know when we may need a doctor.

First Aid Treatment With Emergency First Aid Kit:

emergency first aid kit

First Aid Need In Dog/ Animal Bite

Doctor! Our all-time favorite god. We are so dependent on the doctors that we hardly care about solving the petty issues with First aid Treatment on our own. We sneeze- We rush. Emergencies are an exception of course which to need to be handled with utmost care at all levels, especially at home.

Fact says that a patient tends to become even sicker when he comes across other patients in the hospital. No doubt positivity resides only at home.

So the next time when you have a minor cough or cold, try avoiding the need for an external clinic and make sure your own home is no less than a mini-clinic. Emergencies are sure to be attended by a professional but even then there is no surety to the availability of the necessary care at the right time and the right place.

And now let’s face it, in developing countries like India ambulances are rarely on time. Unexpected situations like being in the middle of nowhere with no proper conveyance can happen to anyone and at any time.

Emergencies That Needs First Aid Kit:

vomiting and diarrhea

First Aid Need Vomiting and Diarrhea

emergency first aid

First Aid Need in High Fever

We need First Aid Kit during such emergencies like:

In severe situations even heart attacks, primary treatment is a necessity. Now the question arises ‘how?’ How to help yourself or your loved ones with First aid Treatment when the help is not really close? The only answer to this is the practice of maintaining an emergency First aid kit.

Most of us have studied in our primary classes about the need for an emergency First aid kit but rarely do we implement it in our daily lives. It is an inevitability for not only kids but also adults and elderlies.

Emergency First Aid Kit Items:

emergency first aid kit

emergency first aid kit

Your First aid kit should be simple and compact with basic medicines like:

  • antiseptic creams
  • bandages,
  • hospital tapes,
  • clean handkerchiefs,
  • toothpaste for minor burns,
  • sanitary napkins,
  • clean cotton,
  • antibacterial fluids like Dettol and Savlon,
  • safety pins and
  • painkillers

A Soframycin as an antiseptic and painkillers like Ibugesic, Meftal spas, Calpol would be a good Savior. See the list to make a Complete Emergency First aid kit.

For a place with general adults and senior citizens who are likely to experience blood pressure, Angina pain(heart attack) problems, some general medicines like amlodipine, Sorbitrate should be stored. A small handy book about various steps to be taken during unknown severe accidents like snake bites, rodent bites, coin intake or severe bleeding should be something you can’t afford to lose.

How To Maintain Emergency First Aid Kit?

First aid kit should be portable and capacious. It should be checked from time to time and should never be out of the essentials. Ensure the proper use of all the items kept in the kit. Check the kit quarterly for a year and remove expired medicines. Also, ensure that every adult in the family should know the use of it because you may be one of the victims. Essential medicines, which can be useful in emergency conditions, should always be kept in your first aid kit. At a regular interval, you will find here the tips – the essential medicines and their uses that you should keep in your first-aid kit.

First aid Treatment may prove to be feasible and inevitable but the lack of equipment may make you feel handicapped sometimes. Life is beautiful and it needs to be cared for. Don’t let your petty mistakes end you up into facing bigger tragedies. Make sure you have a fully equipped emergency First aid kit not only for yourselves but also for anybody in need.