What To Do When Baby Swallowed Object

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What To Do If Your Baby Swallowed Object?

Swallowed coin

Swallowed coin

Examine the child that swallowed the coin. if the child’s breathing is fine, You’ll have to do nothing. Your child is safe.

Children find their food in everything.

This is because they know their two senses only – Touch and taste. Whatever they get something in their hand, they are trying to fit into their mouth.

Whether it is a food item or else. Swallowing foreign object like coins, buttons, hair, chewing gum, tooth step, batteries, marbles, balloons or parts of any toys are a common problem for any parents of a toddler.



fidgetspinner Swallowed

Swallowed Fidget Spinner

Take your child to a doctor immediately, if he/she swallowed battery, balloon, pieces of magnet, naphthalene balls, mercury tablet or something sharp object or if swallowed any other object and you find the symptoms like vomiting, stomach pain, coughing, wheezing(breathe with a whistle sound), drooling(drop saliva excessively), or gagging(an obstacle of free speech).

Sometimes an object can get stuck with the windpipe or esophagus and none of the above symptoms will be seen. Please immediately call a doctor.

If you think that your child swallowed something small or object that is not sharp, you need not worry. If your child’s breathing is fine and there are none other symptoms then, there is no cause for worry.

The object may take between 2-10 days to pass in the stool. In that case, you need not examine his/her stool each day.

What To Do When Baby Swallowed Adhesive?

All these foreign bodies always pass out once they cross into the stomach.  Apart from above objects, if your baby swallowed any adhesive like Fevikwik, its need not to worry.

Fevikwick is nontoxic. If the baby’s lips stuck, rinse with plenty of water. It will get back to normal in 8-10 hrs max.

How To Know Baby Swallowed Something?




Sometimes when you unaware of your child misdeed, You can follow the symptoms he/she shown.

  • The child can complain the pain in windpipe, chest or stomach
  • A sudden fever can be developed
  • A toddler could drop the saliva continuously from the mouth
  • Can Refuse to eat or drink anything
  • Vomiting can be seen
  • Find difficulty in swallowing anything

In this case when you still not known the object your child swallowed, you should make his/her an x-ray after consulting your doctor.

How To Eject The Foreign Object From Windpipe?

trick to eject object

step to eject an object

If you have confirmed that your baby has swallowed something, try to eject the object from his/her windpipe by following the steps shown in the picture.

If the object not comes out and still stuck with windpipe and baby breathing is not comfortable, you should call a doctor.

How To Protect Babies From Swallowing Foreign Objects?

Check out the floors, bathrooms & counters of your house for the items that your child can find and put into his/her mouth.

E.g.- coins, button, jewelry, pins, toothpick, popped balloons, pen caps, paper clips, screws, magnet, nails, crayons, marbles, remote/watch batteries should keep out of reach of the children. Make sure their toys & parts of Toys may not be broken.

Keep a watchful eye on your kids, when you are in the garden, public places or someone else’s home.  All kind of enticing and unsafe items might be within reach.

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