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Food To Eat To Lose Weight Fast

food to eat to lose weight

As our elders said “eat more but eat right”. Don’t be much confused on what to eat to lose weight or actually what to eat to lose weight fast.

Keeping your diet subtle, here are some right food to eat to lose weight. By following the weight loss diet you can lose weight in weeks.

  • Raw boiled vegetables like carrots, beetroot, cabbages, broccoli, mushrooms, berries, etc
  • Lot of fresh fruits instead of shakes and sugary juices.
  • Protein rich foods like soybeans and other soya products, beans and legumes
  • 8-10 glasses of water everyday
  • Green tea, lemon tea, fresh lime juice, and other detoxifying drinks
  • In case you crave sugar,go for a small piece or dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa
  • Whole eggs
  • Salmon
  • Lean meat
  • Tea or coffee with less sugar
  • More of chapatis and less of rice

These are some foods what you need to eat in a day to lose weight. Now you must be very much clear about how to eat to lose weight .

What To Eat Daily To Lose Weight

Parting with you favourite food items is definitely  not a piece of cake. Well it’s boring with the veggies no matter how hard you try, you may always fail to entertain your taste buds. So better do something that suits both your diet and your tongue.

Talking about what to eat for breakfast to lose weight, go for light food items like flattened rice or vermicelli, Masala oats or corn flakes, Idlis, Dosas, etc such choices are not oily or fatty , instead they suit your taste.

Compliment it with a cup of green tea with a few drop of lemon juice to make it taste better.

As you opt of high protein diets, there are lot of interesting options like soya foods including soya chaaps, nutrela etc which are a delight.

You can also go for lean meats and try to make it interesting by adding homemade sauces. Apart from your exercise routine, these are some complementary simple meals to lose weight fast.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Different people have different body structures with varying genetic patterns.

Some people never gain weight, no matter what they eat, some never lose weight, no matter what they leave.

All frustrated,most of you ask yourself “why can’t I lose weight” . Well there is not just one reason that is pulling you from behind.

Here are some points to note if you are not easily losing weight:

  • You may have a genetically fatty structure which may take loads of pain to change you into a slimmer person.
  • You may be following a wrong routine or negatively and unknowingly compensating your exercises with a wrong diet plan.
  • For ladies out there, there may be simply other root causes like PCOD, thyroid, pregnancy, puberty ,etc
  • There are some surprising reasons like overthinking about exercising, taking a lot of stress, sleeping less etc.

Weight Loss Diet

Since ages there has been a very huge misconception about the weight loss diet.

Most people refer to starving when it comes to losing weight. Well this is the worst thing you can do to your body. Instead of the slogan  ‘eat nothing’ move towards ‘ eat right’ .

The right food in the right quantity at short intervals can do wonder to your routine. Make sure you eat enough but don’t over eat.

Keep your tummy a little empty by the time you take your last bite.

And eat at shorter intervals. Turn towards a healthier routine with iron rich fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and fibre rich foods.

Food To Avoid To Lose Weight

Now since you have already worked so hard on your routine. Say a no to some food item which and unknowingly not really helping you to lose weight.

You should keep a note of what foods to cut to lose weight. These are the foods to avoid to lose weight:

  • Canned juices and sugary drinks
  • Sweets and chocolates (exception: dark chocolate)
  • Biscuits ( except oat and fibre biscuits)
  • Alcohol and cigarette
  • white flour
  • Fruit shakes
  • Excess rice

Go through with some tips to lose weight in weeks suggesting the food to eat to lose weight. Hopefully following this must help you fulfilling your dream fitness project.


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