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diarrheaAs you know in summer temperature at some states reaches to high till 45-degree centigrade or above. The high temperature, heat, humidity obstructs the daily life and also produce many diseases e.g. diarrhea, dysentery, high fever, diarrhea with vomiting, sunburn etc. Out of them, diarrhea or loose motion is a very common disease that affects life. As per UNICEF data (www.data.unicef.org), approximately 1 child die(5.26 lakh /annum)  of diarrhea every minute at the earth due to heat, contaminated water, and malnutrition. Here providing you the information about diarrhea causes, symptoms, treatment and diarrhea medicine with easy doses as first aid treatment.



diarrhea causes


Do you know- the passing of increased amounts of loose stool including water and salts is called diarrhea. This increased amount is more than 300 g in a day. Diarrhea is generally caused by virus, bacteria or parasites. It is characterized by two parts- Acute diarrhea(sudden and for short period of time) – lasting for 2-3 days and chronic diarrhea(for long lasting) lasting for 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it is characterized by vomiting and abdominal cramps following ingestion of some irritant or infected food. It is called Acute Gastroenteritis.  It is caused by ingestion of Salmonella organism or fungi like Candida albicans.



Usually, diarrhea causes due to consumption of contaminated drinking water, uncooked, unhygienic edibles or sometimes food that would not have preserved at the required temperature. In medical terms, we can say- micro-organism irritates the mucous membrane of the large or small intestine, leads to discharge the abnormal quantity of water in motion.



  • Food poisoningdiarrhea symptoms
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Stomach Flu (Viral Gastroenteritis)
  • Reaction to medication
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Digestive disorder





diarrhea causes and symptoms
Recommended food for baby

 Initially, the patient should be given a bland diet with added salt and sour lime. If there is no vomiting, over 2L of fluid should be given in the form of soup, coconut water, fresh fruit juice, kanji, dal water or barley water. Milk and milk products should be avoided for up to three days. It can start after the condition gets better. Soft foods like bananas, mashed potatoes, soft rice, toast, and biscuits can be given if the patient tolerates them

or soon after the condition clears up. A number of fluids given should be such that the patient has a urine output of 1-1.5 liters/day.



Some foods should be avoided that may stimulate diarrhoea:

  • Oily foods
  • Spicy foods
  • Fast foods
  • Foods with rich sauces
  • Fatty cuts of meat
  • Citrus fruit
  • Artificial sugar
  • Too much fiber
  • Peppermint

    food that avoid in diarrhea
    food that should avoid

Certain foods have well documented as gassiest producing edibles that should be avoided E.g.

  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Onions

The patient should also avoid chewing gum because it contains sorbitol that stimulates diarrhea. During traveling use mineral water only.



diarrhea treatment

You can treat diarrhea safely, usually at home by given primary treatment to your patient. Normally it is eliminated within a week if it is due to viral or parasitic. Bacterial diarrhea also recovered in 3-5 days after given diarrhea medicine that should be advisable under the supervision of a doctor.

[There is no method to distinguish between viral and bacterial diarrhea except pathological verification].


As First Aid treatment loperamide can start as Diarrhea medicine. Loperamide is an antidiarrheal or anti-motility drug that reduces stool passage. But it should not be given in the condition if blood or pus found in motion or with a high fever.


Doses of Loperamide: [popular brand name-LOPAMIDE 2MG]

Adult: Initial 4mg orally after the first loose stool, followed by 2mg after each loose stool, not exceed 16mg( 8mg if chewable tab) in 24 hrs.ofloxacin diarrhea medicine

Paediatric: 13 to 20kg: Initial 1mg orally thrice a day, for the first day.

20kg to 30kg: Initial 2mg orally twice a day for the first day.

> 30kg up to 12 yrs age: Initial 2mg orally thrice a day for the first day.

12 yrs to 18yrs: Initial 4mg orally after the first loose stool, followed by 2mg after each loose stool, not exceed 8mg in a day.


[If not benefitted after taking three doses of Loperamide consecutively, then the use of probiotics will be helpful.]

PROBIOTICS suggested Brands: FLORA SB Sachet or DAROLAC sachet

DOSESChild:- 1 tablespoonful two times a day of FLORA BC Dry Syp(60 ML)

Above 12 yrs: Flora SB sachet 3 times a day


diarrhea medicine
bacterial diarrhea

If not benefitted even after taking three doses of PROBIOTICS, Your doctor can recommend you the antibiotic(Ofloxacin  + Ornidazole).Pregnant women and senior citizens should consult a doctor prior to using diarrhea medicine. 

Ofloxacin-Tab / Suspension ( antibiotic )  (Doses ‘chart’ agewise-weightwise givenbelow )

Doses For Children: 10 mg/kg body wt/day divided in 2 doses (every 12 hrs)

E.g.- if patient’s weight is 10kg then (10kg x 10mg=100mg) divide it in two equal doses(50mg each) & take each 50mg with interval of 12hrs;

Doses For Adult : ofloxacin 200mg twice in a day before or after food  for min 3-5 days

Along with

Ornidazole-tab / Suspension [Doses chart agewise-weightwise given below]

Doses for Children : 25 mg/kg body wt/day divided in 2 equal doses (every 12 hrs)

E.g. if patient’s weight is 10kg then 10kg x 25mg=250mg divide it in two equal doses(125mg each) & take each 125mg with interval of 12 hrs;

Doses for Adult : Ornidazole 500mg tab twice in a day before or after food for min 3-5 days


[Some brands available in combination(Ofloxacin  + Ornidazole) in right quantity]

E.g.- : [popular brand name- Zenflox OZ tab or Oflox OZ tab Antibacterial contains (Ofloxacin 200mg  + Ornidazole 500mg)Tab for adult and

[popular brand nameZenflox OZ Suspension or O2 suspension] an antibiotic contains (Ofloxacin 50mg  + Ornidazole 125mg)/ 5ml Suspension  for children upto 12 yrs : 

[medicine can be taken before or after meal; doses with a gap of 12 hrs]


Age 1-2yrs [wt-10-12kg]


Doses: 100mg- 120mg of

ofloxacin with proportionate

given ratio of Ornidazole

Zenflox-Oz Oral suspension:


[twice in a day]

Age2-4yrs [wt-12-16kg]



Oral suspension:6-8ml

[twice in a day]

Age4-6yrs [wt-16-20kg] Doses:160-200mg

Oral suspension:8ml – 10ml

[twice in a day]

Age6-8yrs [wt-20-26kg]



Oral suspension:10ml -12ml

[twice in a day]

Age8-10yrs [wt-26-30kg] Doses: 260mg- 300mg

Oral suspension:12ml -15ml

or 3/4 tab of Zenflox-OZ or


[twice in a day]

Age10-12yrs [wt-30-39kg] Doses:  300mg-390mg

Oral susp: 16.5ml-19.5ml

0r 3/4 to 1 tab of Zenflox-OZ

[twice in a day]

Age12-14yrs [wt-40-50kg]



1 tab of Zenflox-OZ or

Oflox-OZ[twice in a day]


Age between 14yrs and 65yrs [wt > 50kg] Doses:

1 tab of Zenflox-OZ or

Oflox-OZ[twice in a day]


Pregnant women and senior citizens should consult a doctor prior to using diarrhea medicine. 

NOTE: If any variation between age and weight, please give doses as per the weight.

[You Should Keep this diarrhea medicine In Your First Aid Kit]


If the patient is suffering from vomiting along with diarrhea,



[The information at this site is not a suitable for medical advice. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist]


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