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baby weight

All parents are conscious about the right growth of their baby. Out of them, some are so curious that every month they check the weight of their baby. Even if the weighing machine is not available at their home, they went to the Doctor’s clinic to weighing their child and consult him for their baby’s weight.

You might also have the same curiosity for some extent. Taking the weight of your baby is not an issue. The curiosity is – Whether the weight is as according to baby’s age or not? Or in other words, the growth of your child is right or not? This is the question obsessed in the mind of almost all parents.

As according to Dr. Ajay Ohri, a leading pediatrician, 50 to 60 parents every month came to him for just to know whether their child’s growth is right. He then satisfied them by calculating the weight of their child as per their age as according to medical terminology.

Do you know- What is the Doctor’s parameter to know whether your child is on right weight or not? Or how they calculate the average baby weight as according to the Age of your child?

Here below you will find the formula by which a doctor calculates the right weight of your child as according to his/her age. Now you can also judge the right weight of your child by own.

baby's weight



  • If your child age between 0 (birth) and 12 months, his/her weight should be :

[Age in Months  +  8] ÷ 2

E.g- If your child age is 7 months, his/her weight (according to medical fitness) should be:

[Age in Months (7) + 8] ÷  2

=    15 ÷ 2

=   7.5 kg


  • If your child age is between 01 yrs and 08 yrs his weight (according to a doctor) should be:

[Age in yrs × 2  +  8]

E.g- If your child is 7 years, his weight should be:

[Age in years(7) × 2 + 8]

=    [14 +8 ]

baby weight
baby weight

=     22 kg


  • If your child age is between 9 yrs to 14yrs his weight (according to doctor) should be:

[Age in yrs  ×  7 – 6] ÷ 2

E.g- If your child is of 11 years, his weight should be:

[Age in yrs  ×  7 – 6] ÷ 2

=    [Age in yrs(11) × 7 –  6]  ÷ 2

=   [77 – 6] ÷ 2

= [71] ÷ 2

=   35.5 kg


[NOTE: The weight calculated above is the ideal (value) weight of a baby at given age. But the average baby weight range is acceptable with 10% variation. For example: If your 7 year’s baby weight is 22kg then its 10% will be 2.2kg. Hence normal or average weight range for 7yrs baby is from (22 – 2.2 = 19.8kg) to (22 + 2.2 = 24.2kg) Or you can say that below the weight of 19.8kg is underweight and over the weight of 24.2kg is Overweight for 7 years child ]

By knowing the weight of your child you can also measure the doses of medicine in different diseases e.g.- High Fever, Stomach Pain, Conjunctivitis, diarrhea, etc.



Now you can easily calculate the weight of your baby and can judge whether he/she is Normal, under or overweight. If he/she is under/overweight- No need to become panic. Just change the diet of your baby accordingly and follow it strictly. Within three to four months their weight will become normal. As advised provide nutritional food to your baby and avoid/minimize junk and spicy food. To increase the weight See…Top 5 Foods To Increase Weight in Children(above)







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