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Baby Development Stages

The first of every cute act your baby does make you a proud parent every time. Capture these moments as they fly too soon. Let it be tough but make sure you enjoy your child’s development. We have learned baby growth stages 0-6 months in the previous blog, now let us look forward to the next 6 stages of the baby development. 

Baby Development 7 Months

Baby Development 7 Months

provide cushion supports and shift to solid baby food



During the baby development 7 months, your baby will have grown to about 20 lbs and about 27 inches long. Your baby will now start to sit on its own.

A great achievement indeed. Try providing cushion supports at the back so the baby does not swing back or strike its head somewhere



The baby will also start distinguishing among the different emotions.

It is to be noted that for the first 1-2 months the babies tend to cry out of no emotion but just an act to connect to you but eventually, they start reflecting and understanding real emotions.

They may start missing you or experience separation anxiety. Most children start crying when they are not able to find their parents nearby. This starts happening generally at this stage.



Now the baby’s diet can shift to proper solid baby food like Cerelac. The baby will now start imitating sounds you produce.

Generally, babies at this stage love to peek a boo. Their waves of laughter fill the heart with joy. 

Baby Development 8 Months

Baby Development 8 Months

baby start crawling at 8th month

BABY LENGTH & WEIGHT At baby development 8 months they now grow to about 20.5 lbs and about 28 inches long. 


At this stage of baby development stages,  the baby will now start to crawling and waving hands, pointing out things, and its sense of understanding will be enhanced. As its teeth develops the baby may experience drooling, rash, cough and teething diarrhea


The baby is prone to several diseases and germs so take full care of their hygiene.

Change their diapers at proper intervals. Keep their toys and items of clothing sterilized. They tend to sleep for like 12-13 hours a day. 

Baby Development 9 Months

baby development 9 months

baby start laughing

BABY LENGTH & WEIGHT  During baby development 9 months the baby grows to about 21 lbs and to about 28.5 inches long.


Your cutie pie now starts to stick its tongue out and laugh. The baby now waves its hands and to mere happiness, it starts learning easy words like ‘mama’ or ‘dada’. 

Further, your baby may also be able to stand up with some support either by holding hands or some furniture.

It may also be able to feed itself by holding spoons or cups. 



It is time for baby’s vaccination. OPV Polio(IIIrd dose), Measles, Mumps & Rubella(MMR) Vaccine has to be scheduled at this stages of baby development. 

Baby Development 10 Months

Baby Development 10 Months

start demanding food using sign language

BABY LENGTH & WEIGHT By this time the baby would have grown to about 21 lbs and 28.5 inches long.


At this baby development stage, the baby may become a bit notorious, it may develop a sense of possession towards its toys and create an obsession with them.

They may cry if you would try to take away their toys from them.

Baby development 10 months may also able the baby to climb up stairs crawling but may not be able to come down.



Its sense of observation may start to develop as it would enjoy looking at pictures and photos.

The baby can now start demanding food, milk or parents using sign language. They love to cuddle and receive generous hugs from near and dear ones they recognize. 

Baby Development 11 Months

Baby Development 11 Months

growing teeth start from front onwards



By the 11th month, the babies become more cute and smarter. They become fascinated with small things and learn to enjoy.

By this time your tiny sweeties are about 29 inches long. 



They grow about two teeth on the front side. They may start learning to cherish things, claps their hands and laugh with full force, play or throw balls.

Now their food may be improved with baby food of a higher age although breast milk can be fed up to 3 yrs as it helps in developing a strong immune system for the baby. 



With the baby development 11 months, the baby will try to balance its body while standing with or without support.

It will try to climb objects and furniture and no doubt result in hilariously adorable blunders for parents to look after. 

Baby Development 12 Months

Baby Development 12 Months

try walking or running with the help

BABY LENGTH & WEIGHT  By this time your babies are about 29.5 inches long and about 10kg or 22.5 lbs in weight.


At the baby development stages 12 or the last month in completing one year,  the baby tends to become a really a notorious creature.

It may start walking on it own or trying to maintain a balance, it tries to walk in baby walkers and even try running with it. 

It starts speaking some words and understanding ‘yes’ or ‘no’.It becomes moody for its toys and gets attached to them.

It’s starting recognizing cartoon characters and getting indulged into them. Most of the times babies learn to speak quite properly at this stage.

The baby’s muscles may start growing stronger and healthier by this time. They may have grown about 6 teeth by now. 

 TIPS No tips this time, just enjoying your baby’s laughing, walking, climbing on furniture, flashing while bathing, hugging them and start preparing to celebrate his/her first birthday.

Oh Yes! Time for vaccines – Hepatitis A and Varicella Vaccine (Chickenpox)-dose I, is very near. Fix your appointment with your doctor for vaccination and keep your child safe and healthy. 

So we can that most of the baby development takes place in the first year of its life. They are the most adorable few months where both the baby and its parents learn. 

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