When Do Babies Eyes Change Color | Progression & Color Chart

When Do Babies Eyes Change ColorWhen Do Babies Eyes Change Color 

Fair skinned babies especially are the ones with light colored eyes because they have very little melanin in the eyes. Melanin is a pigment which gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes. Amount of melanin determines the baby eye color and also the color of skin and hair. Now the question arises is “when do babies eyes change color?”

Eye color changes mainly in the first 6 to 9 months of baby’s life. As the weeks pass by, you will see that the eyes color gets darker.

Change of eye color is so gradual that one day the baby can surprise you by opening his/her eyes in the morning with a different eye color.

By the age of 12 months, the baby gets the permanent color of eye, hair, and skin.  In some rare cases, baby eye color changes till the age of 6 years.

Baby Eye Color Change Progression  

Progression in baby eye color is seen during the age of 6 to 12 months. That is the time when baby changes their eye color.

It usually gets darker in comparison to the eyes during birth.  Baby eye color change progression is basically at the beginning of the birth of a child but in rare cases, it changes with the age.

There is a muscle called iris that expands and contracts to control the size of the pupil. Pupil enlarges when the light is dim and gets smaller when the light is bright.

When the size of the eye changes its pigments in the iris gets compress or spread a bit which leads to a slight change in color also.

Eye color changes with age also. It does not happen with everyone but 10 to 15% of the population experiences this change.

Baby Eye Color Chart

Baby Eye Color Chart

Baby Eyes Change Predictor

Baby eye color is determined by the pairing of genes of both the parents. Genes are not only the single contributing factor but there are other contributors also.

Baby eyes change predictor is not always 100% true but yes it gives the idea about the probability of the eye colors your baby will have.

When You Have Your Partner Has Prediction
Blue Blue 99% blue and 1% green
Blue Brown 50% blue and 50% brown
Blue Green 50% green and 50% blue
Brown Blue 50%brown and 50% blue
Brown Brown 75%brown, 7% blue and 18% green
Brown Green 50% brown, 38%green and 12% blue
green blue 50% green and 50% blue

Newborn Blue Eyes  

When a baby is just born or we can say it is an infant then we cannot decide the eye color of the baby because the baby has spent almost 9 months in dark (for infants, light is one of the prime factors in changing eye color).

Iris color just like hair and skin color, they all depend on a protein mentioned earlier also called melanin.

Melanin, if found in large amount then leads to brown color mostly, if the amount of melanin is less then baby eye color would probably be gray or blue.

Specialized cells called melanocytes are found in our body, their only job is to go around secreting melanin where it is needed including Iris.

When the baby is born the eye color would probably be gray or blue because melanocytes have responded to light and of course the baby has spent his whole life in the dark so we usually see newborn blue eyes but later on it changes within 12 months.

If the color is blue only then it will become little darker within 12 months to become the permanent eye color.

When Do Babies Eyes Color Become Permanent 

Between 6 and 12 months, babies eyes color become permanent. So deciding eye color before the age of 12 months is not justified because till 12 months it gradually changes.

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